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Are you feeling stuck, experiencing self-doubt, exhaustion or anxiety? Are you yearning to feel confident, liberated and empowered? Imagine your life filled with purpose, and guided by your authentic truth and wisdom. If you’re seeking guidance on life purpose, health, relationships, look no further.

Higher Guidance sessions are designed to quickly uncover the root causes that create obstacles and pain in your life. Each session is tailored specifically for you and include a Soul Reading, transformative processes such as Non Dual Therapy, Coaching, Somatic, and Energy Healing. Expect to experience more vitality, clarity and an experience of your true nature.

For deep change and lasting transformation, we recommend booking our 4-session package. We will meet weekly to provide unwavering support on your journey towards personal growth and empowerment. Don’t wait any longer, take the first step towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.

4 Session Package

Individual Session

Higher Guidance Healing

Experience the transformative power of Higher Guidance Healing™, a unique and potent approach to personal transformation. By harnessing the wisdom within ourselves and tapping into our inner guidance, we unlock the keys to profound healing and growth.

Our approach draws from a rich tapestry of knowledge, blending integrative techniques, Neuroscience, the ancient yogic philosophy of the Vedas, Non-Duality, and Quantum Healing. This innovative framework provides a solid foundation for unlocking your true potential.

Clients who have embarked on this journey have reported remarkable results, experiencing rapid, deep, and lasting transformation. Discover the profound impact Higher Guidance Healing™ can have on your life and unlock a new level of growth and fulfillment.

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Transformation Coaching

Expect to:

  • Experience a quantum leap to your best life
  • Get clarity about what you want
  • Identify and transform what is holding you back
  • Move beyond limiting perspectives
  • Reclaim lost parts of your power
  • Heal painful patterns
  • Reconnect to your soul’s deep wisdom
  • Experience a deep connection with who you truly are and your unique gifts
  • Feel liberated to take powerful, aligned action to make your vision a reality
  • Learn powerful tools to support your growth

Experience the power of Transformation Coaching and achieve life-changing results in a surprisingly short period of time. Our unique blend of cutting-edge techniques, including HeartMath® Technology, Mindset Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Non-Dual Therapy, and Somatic Trauma-Informed Coaching, is designed to work at the deepest level of your consciousness.

By accessing the subconscious mind, where memories, emotions, and habits are stored, we get to the root cause of what’s holding you back. This powerful approach allows us to guide you towards clear actions that will propel you forward on your journey of transformation.

Prepare to break free from the limitations that have been holding you back and embark on a path of personal growth and empowerment. Our proven methods will help you overcome obstacles, release past traumas, and create lasting change.

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Reiki is an Energy Healing modality that improves your health by balancing your energy field and life force. A Reiki practitioner channels energy by placing their hands on or slightly above your body. Research shows that Reiki reduces pain, anxiety, improves your mood and wellbeing and helps with depression.

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Flower Essences

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are vibrational tinctures fantastic for transforming patterns of imbalanced emotional and mental states. These essences differ from essential oils because they have no fragrance. Like a homeopathic remedy, you take them under the tongue, or you can also apply them on your body with a massage or put them in water to drink or in which to bathe.

How Do They Work?

Flower essence therapy works by using the law of resonance to connect a soul to the positive aspects of the flower. As your soul discovers a more comfortable way of being, the imbalanced state you were experiencing during that time begins to disappear.

When studying which flower essence is suitable for you, the flower’s signature is considered—this includes how the plant grows, the shape and color of the flower, and the environment where it grows. Reading your chakras and energy field is also a guide in choosing which essences are most beneficial.

You can take these flower essence blends daily for 4 to 6 weeks. Some of the essences in your blend will integrate with your energy field within that time and other essences you take longer depending on the strength of the pattern you are working to transform. These essences are also powerful for children.

Book a custom flower essence consultation as a stand-alone session to experience the significant benefits of flower essences. I can also include a flower essence blend with your one-on-one session and ship it to you.

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Soul Reading

Are you constantly plagued by unanswered questions that leave you feeling insecure and stuck? Soul Readings offer a transformative solution to your inner turmoil. Through a Clairvoyant Reading, we embark on a deep inquiry together, tapping into the records of your soul and decoding the information in your energy field.

Soul Readings provide profound insights and guidance, helping you find the answers you seek. Common questions like “What is my life purpose?”, “What is holding me back from financial success?”, “Am I on the right path?”, “Is making a big change the most aligned choice?”, and “What is the underlying reason for my chronic health condition?” can all be addressed.

With our guidance, you can gain clarity and unlock the hidden wisdom within you. Discover the answers that will guide you towards a fulfilled and purposeful life. The answers you seek are within reach.

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