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Higher Guidance Group ™

Elevate Your Life with the Higher Guidance Group

Achieve breakthroughs and support for your life goals. Experience a unique blend of training, practice, and community designed to support you in creating breakthroughs in various areas of life. Whether it’s in business, life purpose, health, lifestyle, spiritual growth, motherhood, creativity, or any other area, we’ve got you covered.

Learn to shift your brain and energy every week for lasting change. Practice and develop techniques that create change from the inside out, leading to transformative shifts in your life. Join a supportive community of like-minded souls.

Experience direct mystical experiences that allow you to tap into your authentic power and live a life aligned with your truth. Embrace a holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit to help you create lasting change and fulfillment.

Practices are grounded in leading theoretical foundations rooted in renowned methodologies such as the Heart Math Institute, Stan Grof’s Holotropic Mind, the Zero Point Energy Field, and Epigenetics.

You Will Receive

  • Learn to embody states of coherence and gratitude
  • A methodical step-by-step process for receiving guidance and developing your intuitive gifts for deeper clarity and empowerment
  • Learn the secrets to master your mind and consciousness so you can live vibrantly
  • Meet your Inner Guide to partner with and receive direction on next steps and a clear direction
  • Leap into radical well-being by optimizing how your genes behave
  • Support from a community of like-minded souls supporting your dreams

Higher Guidance Group meets Fridays 12 pm PST
Sessions are 90 minutes long on Zoom.

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Working with your guides allows you to see through limited perspectives, empowering you to manifest in a quantum way. You can identify the root cause of any issue and align with who you truly are, which is a game changer for your life.

As your teacher, I share individualized tips and feedback to refine your awareness and give you faster results. This personalized development lights your life on fire and brings it to full color. Working with your intuition and guides gives you clear intuitive messages about key life decisions, how to support clients, and how to design your life for your optimum health and happiness.


Increased wealth and success, as you hear the guidance that anchors you on a path that is your unique expression.
Live a life of purpose
Experience more fulfilling relationships
Embodying more of who you are
Emotional resilience
Mental clarity
Increased vitality
Share your unique gifts with the world
Experience your true nature
Increased effectiveness

You Will Learn

  • A methodical step-by-step process for receiving guidance
  • What is the best state to be in to receive guidance?
  • How to receive and ask for guidance
  • Discover who your guides are
  • Know how to recognize who your guides are
  • Practices to work with the guides for healing
  • Receive support to experience powerful expansion in an area of your life you are focused on right now.

8-Week Course Inclusions

  • Weekly-75 minute Higher Guidance sessions 
  • Receive coaching and guidance about how to go deeper with your higher guidance
  • The Higher Guidance® Manual 
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Higher Guidance Healing® Practitioner Training

If you are a therapist, coach, or healer, you can do soul-aligned work with clients, paving the way for faster results, more income, and less burnout. Discover a powerful, in-depth certification program with the Dahlia Center. I offer a 12-week training program that teaches you a consciousness-based healing modality from ancient mystery schools.

Learn to work within a paradigm of consciousness most aligned with your client’s true nature, leading to powerful results with less talking and more depth of transformation. The Higher Guidance Course® is a prerequisite to this practitioner training.

I will teach you how to use maps of consciousness and work directly with your guides so you can support powerful, deep, and lasting transformations for your clients. You will learn to access the root cause of any issue or desire for expansion in areas with which your client is challenged and support them in transforming it.

What is unique about this work is that your client transforms what has blocked them, directly experiencing their true nature and inner, limitless resources: bliss, safety, love, and peace. Accessing consciousness on this level transcends healing and invites your client to remember who they are.

This work is incredibly empowering for your clients and the place within where their unique gifts are revealed. You will also learn to support them in taking aligned action to live the life of which they have dreamed.

Core Principles

I teach the following core principles in this course:

  • Become an instrument, so you embody the work and principles you are learning.
  • Receive integrated transformation, so you are aligned within a paradigm of consciousness that is updated with the latest discoveries in quantum physics.
  • Have practices that give you a direct experience of your essential nature to feel at ease as you work with clients and have more vitality and joy.
  • Experience powerful journeys that open your soul memories so you can access, embody, and live from your unique gifts.
  • Develop a relationship with your guides to receive immediate pointers about the root causes of your client’s suffering.
  • Learn a repertoire of energy healing methods that help your clients get unstuck, including inner child healing, past life healing, ancestral healing, Akashic records, and living an empowered life. This is so your clients operate from unlimited potential rather than conditioning.

What's Included

  • Weekly 2-hour Higher Guidance Healing® development sessions
  • Certification available
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Reiki Classes

Discover new ways to improve your and your family’s well-being by learning Reiki. Reiki is one of the easiest and most fun ways to bring healing to yourself, your kids, and your friends.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that improves health by balancing your energy fields and life force. A Reiki practitioner channels energy by placing their hands on or slightly above your body. Research indicates it reduces pain and anxiety, improves your mood and well-being, and helps with depression.

Reiki Level 1 is a one-day course from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This course includes certification and a manual. After you sign up, I will email you two possible dates to teach your class.

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Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 class teaches you to work with three Reiki symbols; one increases the amount of Reiki energy available to you, another opens your capacity to send Reiki long distance, and the third symbol allows you to offer emotional healing. Take the Reiki level 2 course if you want to be a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki 2 is a one-day course from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This course includes certification and a manual. After you sign up, I will email you two possible dates to teach your class.

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