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Are you ready to reclaim your vitality and joy? It’s time to break through the obstacles that are holding you back from living your best life. I have a special gift to help you uncover the hidden gold and latent power that lies within your life’s biggest challenges.

When we work together, we’ll tap into the immense potential that these challenges hold. By releasing the latent power within you, we’ll ignite your inner rocket fuel for success and happiness. This process will enable you to experience your true nature, which is pure bliss.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of your happiness and fulfillment. Let me guide you on a transformative journey towards reclaiming your vitality and unlocking your true potential. It’s time to embrace the joy that is waiting for you. Take the first step towards a life of bliss and book a session with me today.

Experience a Quantum Leap in Your Transformation:

– Uncover and overcome the blind spot that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.
– Achieve clarity and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals.

Reduce Your Stress by 60% or More:

– Discover effective techniques and strategies to significantly reduce your stress levels.
– Experience a greater sense of calm and peace in your daily life.
– Learn how to manage stress and cultivate a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Transform the Area of Your Life That is Traumatic or Painful:

– Find the strength and resilience to overcome past challenges and create a brighter future.
– Experience a profound shift in your emotional well-being and overall satisfaction with life.

Free Yourself from Limiting Patterns and Reach States of Naturalness and Ease:

– Break free from the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life.
– Embrace a state of naturalness and ease as you navigate through life’s challenges.
– Experience a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment.

Click the “Get Started” Button to Experience the Work:

– Take the first step towards a transformative journey.
– Start your journey towards personal growth and self-discovery.
– Experience the powerful impact of our work together.

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My passion in life is helping people transform their lives. Shift from one state to another. My gift is being able to see the root cause of patterns quickly that keep people stuck. I combine Soul Readings, Non Dual Therapy, Transformation Coaching, Higher Guidance Healing, Flower Essences, and Reiki to give you a direct experience of your true nature to support your transformation so you feel fully alive.

What do I mean by fully alive? To me, this is living a life of purpose, that you feel deeply connected to your inner wisdom and trust it completely—that you are resourcing a wellspring of joy, safety, bliss, inspiration, and connection that only comes from within. You experience freedom and peace by leaning into life’s ups and downs as a source of power and awakening.

I believe and know that life is meant to be delightful and blissful.

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About Me

I am a natural guide for others, and it is the only career I have had. I live and breathe this work, and I love walking the path to greater freedom and bliss as well as experiencing my true nature.

I am a mother of three children—my oldest son and twins, a boy and a girl.

My husband and I are adventurers, and we love spending as much time in nature as possible. I am a musician, and I love to dance. I’m also a mama to my cat Sparkle and energetic Vizsla Henry.

I so look forward to supporting you,

Training and Credentials

  • Certified Non-Dual Therapy with a Specialty in Trauma 2023
  • Heart Math Intervention Specialist 2022
  • Ayurveda Course with The Life Force Academy 2020
  • Akashic Records Reader 2020 with Anna Sayce
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy 2020 with the Embody Lab
  • Founder and Teacher of Higher Guidance Healing 2017 and The Higher Guidance Course 2010
  • Foundations in Body Talk Quantum Healing 2015
  • Senior Coach Inside Track Coaching San Francisco
    2004 – 2011
  • Masters in Organizational Development; Executive Coaching and Leadership Development with Pepperdine University 2010
  • Certified Intuitive and Six Sensory Practitioners with
    Sonia Choquette 2010
  • Certified Flower Essence Practitioner with the Flower Essence Society 2000
  • Masters in Quantum Healing; 2-year training with the Diamond School of Healing 1999
  • Usui Lineage Reiki Master 1996 Maui, HI
  • Alchemical Egyptian Energy Healing 1996 with Nikki Scully

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They Love It

“April has changed my life in the most powerful way. Her training and guidance allowed me to remember the truth of who I am while awakening a deep sense of empowerment within. She helped me uncover the tools to be my own healer by connecting to infinite love and bliss. As a Marriage and Family Therapist this training has heightened my intuition as a clinician and has transformed the way I hold space for clients. Learning how to integrate these spiritual practices into psychotherapy feels crucial. I am beyond grateful for the magical experience of working with April, she is a pure soulful light who radiates love and understanding. Her ability to separate from ego sets her apart from many teachers out there. Whether you are a therapist looking to deepen your practice or a woman seeking to feel more connected, this training will bring you into the depths of your heart and break you open in the most beautiful way.”

– Meghan Turner LMFT

“The Higher Guidance Healer Practitioner program changed my life, truly. Through the knowledge gained, I can access more – more awareness, more confidence, more connection, more vitality. With the tools learned, I can help clients release issues with ease. In fact, one of my favorite part of sessions is a client’s surprise on how effortless healing can be. Don’t let April’s humble and unassuming demeanor fool you, she is a powerhouse. With gentleness, she brings decades of experience, a vast well of knowledge, and a deep personal practice, which she has masterfully crafted into this beautiful program. What amazes me is the continued grounded growth that happens personally and professionally as I utilize all that I have learned from April’s program. It’s delightful.”

– Starre T Higher Guidance Healing® Practitioner

“As a client of Aprils for over three years, I am honored to share the profound impact she has had on my healing journey. Her healings have deepened my understanding of who I am and how I am connected to infinite love. She has reignited my devotion to love and the truth. As a marriage and family therapist she has significantly helped me connect to clients in a way that empowers them to be their own healers. I have had countless sessions over the phone, in person and over video chat. Each session has brought me closer to love, but I particularly find the video sessions to be the most powerful. The ease of being in my sacred space while receiving a healing is something hard to replicate in an office setting. When the session is over, I am able to integrate the healing into my body and spirit in a way that feels so comforting and sustainable. April’s ability to shine light on the truth and allow others to remember who they are emanates through every session. She is a powerhouse of love, and I am filled with gratitude to have crossed paths with such
a magical compassionate healer.”

– Dahlia Center Client

“Working with April has been life-changing. I’ve released guilt over past experiences in the blink of an eye. And, I have started to let go of a buildup of anxiety and stress over the course of many years. Sessions with April have aided me in finding a new place of being, which is something I’ve been seeking for quite a while. What’s more, she introduced me to healing modalities I was completely unaware of; thus, helping me (and even my beloved 14-year-old dog!) start to heal physical health issues. April has an incredible gift, and I am forever grateful.”   

– Dahlia Center Client

“I’ve taken April’s Higher Guidance Course and the amount of growth I’ve seen in both my intuitive practice and gifts are truly astounding. She is a wealth of wisdom and has truly taught me how to be a better teacher and healer. Thank you, April, for taking my spiritual practice to the next level. I appreciate your wisdom, love, and ability to create sacred space for growth,
healing, and expansion.”

– Kristen R

“Just listening to your podcast and honoring what an incredible being and soul you are. Your work is magical and the world needs your voice and your healing. I am beyond thrilled for you and mostly for humanity that you are sharing your teachings. I am deeply honored to be your student! Your grace and humility are what I admire the most about you. Thank you for being such a light in my life.” 

– Dahlia Client

“April! Thank you very much for connecting me with the Higher Guide! That meditation was powerful, and I got the message I was looking for.” 

– Dahlia Client

“Thank you April for such a wonderful day of complete BLISS!! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget! Looking forward to Reiki 2. I’m so grateful to have met you!!” 

– Dahlia Client

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for gifting me the reiki class. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! It was such a beautiful experience, the energy of that day has stayed with me. I can feel the great mother and see her in everyone. Thank you for your constant guidance and support. I love you very much. You are my spirit mama/sister/teacher and I am forever grateful to know you. I love seeing new people exploring this work; you have and will continue to bless so many people with your teachings and presence. I think you should just have a day where people come and experience your bliss.” 

– Dahlia Client

“The meditation last week was absolutely amazing! I went to a safe and calming place. My fears and anxieties floated away. I hope that I can find that place again.
I am feeling less fear. I want to tell you how valuable you are to me. I admire, respect, and cherish you!” 

– Dahlia Client


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